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Dobson Bohnke Ace The Treeman

About Ace the Tree Man

Dobson Bohnke is the owner/operator of [business_name] in Salmon Arm, British Columbia.

Dobson has over 38 years of industry experience, offering his services throughout the Salmon Arm area. He started out in the business through logging contracts and after selling his sawmill, traveled overseas to the Solomon Islands to manage another mill.

After moving back to Salmon Arm, he worked for a log house builder as head of maintenance. With his extensive experience, Dobson started tree topping as [business_name] and now operates throughout the entire region.

Being trustworthy and affordable are important facets of business to Dobson, and show in the positive feedback received from customers.

“I’ll be your outback lumberjack.

If you go somewhere else, you will probably pay more.

Logic and Common Sense Will Get It Done”

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Dobson’s animal spirit is Kuekuatsheu (pronounced KOO A KOO OTT SOO); the wolverine. Wolverines are tenacious forest dwellers, and figure largely in mythology as protectors.

Tree Services

Dying trees are dangerous when they are situated in close proximity to your home and family. They also spread disease to healthy trees, so should be removed. Selective logging, tree topping and aesthetic and fruit tree pruning are just some of the services available from [business_name].

Call for a free consultation and estimates for your projects.

Dangerous Tree Removal
Log Value Considered
Pruning/Shaping Services
Selective Logging
Strata/Trailer Park Pruning
Tree Falling
Tree Topping

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Dobson Bohnke

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Take what you need, leave more than you take.

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